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Get Referrals Project Payday Here!

I want to get referrals project payday style!

Show me how to that? That is what you want right? Fine. Okay look this blog of mine is an experiment. No really I have done some good and not so good things. But you know what? This blog actually proves to be a money maker for myself. I had another blog on here but I deleted. I promoted project payday on it and it made money. Heck I promoted project payday and it made some good money as well.

What am I getting at exactly? Well I'm saying that traffic from the search engines as performed the best for me. Now the problem that many face in search engine marketing is that they lack the know how of research. Heck even the ones that are good at researching and posting blogs still find it hard to make things click. Sometimes you have to do a little extra to make it work for a program like project payday. I have also emailed marketed my project payday links to my email lists and mobile lists to make money. Now let me tell you this. The fastest way that I know how to promote project payday is with bulk messaging. This can be text messages or email messages using an autoresponder.

A lot of people come on the internet to make money. If that is you SNAP OUT OF IT!! Look here bud, you are here to send leads to project payday to make money. If you are really serious about being a referral juggernaut you have be a list builder. You must become an email marketer. This is big business. It's called lead generation. You cannot from the truth. The more you try to run from this side of the business, the more you will regret as you continue to fail!

You must get the tools need to make this happen. And you need systems in place that are going to give the edge that you need to blow past your competition! Get referrals project payday style and get rewarded. Remember that you want to qualify your leads. Not everyone is a good match.  That’s part of the business. Direct response is all about a numbers game. How many can you attract into your business.
If you are a newbie, advertising is not going to suit you unless you have big bucks to spend on a great ad by tonight. Forget about newspapers, magazines, adwords, facebook ads and the like if your budget does not exist. Social media including facebook is not the place where you just share your link. You have to connect with people. If you don’t lots of money but you can write then seo is a great answer.
You can double your traffic if you have great systems that are used to double traffic. Get referrals Project Payday won’t complain about. Remember you can make up to five dollars with each free cost per lead sign up. But your traffic as to be on par with what they want.

Start list building today!


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Is Anyone Doing Google Sniper? Heck Yea Buddy!

Is Anyone Doing Google Sniper?

Yes of course!
The google sniper product has been a number one seller in the marketplace for more than 4 years now. Has of the this post it’s now being relaunched into the market place at google sniper 3.0. So what does that mean? Well that means it is the number one selling product right now! If you want to make money online and use google to send you high quality visitors then this product may just be what you need! 

Click here to see REAL RESULTS!

George brown is the maker of this product and a proven affiliate marketer that has in fact mastered the art of ninja marketing using the google search engine. With the ever  so changing rules and algorithms that google rolls out, you have stay on top of proven methods if you want to survive. Let’s not forget about the competition who does not want to see you making money.

You have to be smarter and faster than the rest of the pack. Let’s face it ranking on google is only getting harder and harder. That does not mean that you can’t rank faster. It just means that old outdated methods just won’t cut it anymore.  Plus besides direct type in traffic to your own website, search traffic is the BEST kind of traffic that you can get online. Sorry for the people that like do paid ads but without search traffic your inventory would be almost nonexistent.

Ok so now that I have giving you a great opener to google sniper, lets talk about what this product is all about. So the concept of google sniper is to make exact match domain names for keywords that have low competition. Low competition will allow you to rank faster in search engines like yahoo, bing and of course google. Why is more weight put on google? Well the answer should be a no brainer. Google dominates the search engine battlefield. Their market share in unmatched as most people on this planet use before any other search engine when they are looking for answers to their problems. This product teach you how to be a problem solver by putting yourself in front of these kinds of people.

Inside the actual members area, George brown provides you with a combination of written pdfs and videos to get you the on the path to creating sniper sites to capture the right traffic.  To make things easier for the end user he also provides a video showing you how to navigate through his site and also provides you with a little bit more background so you can get to know him more.

So why is google sniper so successful and so popular? Well it works to be honest with you. If you can research and make decisions based on your own findings, you can do this. The key to being a google sniper is ranking on the first page of google. Anything less than that will not be acceptable if you want to make money. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

You can try google sniper out for $1 for 7 days.  

Try it out here.

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Can I Make Some Money Without Getting Job? Yes You Can!

The question is…Can I Make Some Money Without Getting Job?

Yes you can absolutely make money without getting a job. Do not let self doubt or negative people condition you to think that it is impossible. Look I am not about bashing jobs because they do help you when you have bills to pay. Let’s be honest. But look 70% of people hate their dang job! They hate their boss and they hate their dang commute back and forth to work. Yes you do not need a job to make money especially if you are an attractive lady lol.

But I will say that money is the best slave to a person. So if you have some money saved and stashed in a corner, it helps to use it to get the word out about whatever it is you are doing for cash. On the internet you can do this without leaving your bed room. There are so many ways to do this. Yeah you may not be an attractive lady but you don’t have to be one to attract the right people to your website. Making money online can replace a job if you can find what works best for you and double up in terms of scalability.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you have a blog that makes you $100 a day. Well great but how about making that a $200 a day blog? Can you do that? Well probably. What are you promoting? How well is it doing in the market place. Is grade quality stuff? If not it may plummet along with your revenue. You soon realize that this blogging internet stuff is not some stuff that teen’s goof of f to when they are bored. This is real business. Treat it like such if you want to make money without a job.

There are so many ways to mess up and get side tracked in the online world. You may just want something that you can just plug into to make some real money. You may not want to think to much. You may just want the money to fall in your lap like ta dow!!! Look at me mom I made money….cha ching! Well in reality that may not happen for 99% of you reading this post. Well at least it probably won’t start out that way. However it is STILL possible.

There are programs in the marketplace designed to help bring about these kind of things. The system does the work for you. All you have to do draw people towards you. You do not chase after people since the tables are in reverse. They come into the system and you make money while you are out doing things that have nothing to do with the internet…..LIFE LOL.

It is possible. If you agree check this out!


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Internet In Marketing How To Read This Guide Now!

This internet in marketing how to guide will show you exactly how to use the internet to make money. 

A lot of people are told that there are millions of dollars to be made online and they can do it to. So many are sold on the dream but never get the reality of how much of this business relies on the performance. In this case it the people I am referring to. People need to understand that even though the internet is faster than offline activities, the same rules apply. It’s a numbers game.

Internet In Marketing How To Rule #1:

You must have a web property that you operate on. This can be a free blog, free video channel or your own website for that matter. Some people even use free social profiles as well. At the end of the day these are all platforms that can be used to attract visitors. On these channels you will be producing some sort of content to engage with your audience. With this content you will be communicating your message effectively hence the marketing aspect of things.

Internet In Marketing How To Rule #2:

You must attract traffic or drive traffic to your web platform consistently. This is the part that many people quit at because it is the hardest part of this business. This part requires to skill sets. You must know how to leverage your time and money effectively. There are various tools on the market to help you do this. It is up to you to find your niche in terms of leverage. Some people are great bloggers while others are great advertisers with decent budgets. Now however way to choose to drive traffic, always remember that must be targeted traffic period.

The best traffic that you can get online is direct traffic or type in traffic. This is where the consumer knows exactly where they want to go online so they type in the web address in the address bar at the top of their web browser to get to the final destination. This can also be a saved bookmark that they have saved in their favorites tab to be used at later date or time.

Now if you are brand new aspiring marketer online who is here to make money like a mad man, you may not be able to capture this quality of traffic yet. However the next best type of high quality that you actually do have a shot at getting is search traffic.

Search engines connect websites around the world. Think of them as major interstates where you live. Without these engines, discovering new sites based on our needs would be more difficult. Being on found on these things can bring you the best qualified people into your online business providing you do everything correctly. Depending on how you approach this kind of traffic though, it can be quite a slow process and many people do not have time for it.

To learn how to get this kind of traffic check this out.

Now for people who don’t have the time but have the money to buy traffic consistently I have good news. Like newspapers you can place an ad and be up and running in no time online. There are vast numbers of ad networks that you can run ads in. Many of these networks have massive reach and for people that need more traffic. Big companies Best Buy, Sears and Burger Kind to name of few know of these networks and use them all of the time. Just know that you will need some kind of budget to make paid advertising work.

Internet In Marketing How To Rule #3:

Once you figure out how you will get traffic, you must run this test to ensure that you are not wasting your time. It’s obvious that your traffic is no good if you can’t make any money from it ever. If this is the case you either have poor content or your traffic is not targeted at all. But let’s say you do things the right way and you are making some decent money online. What comes next? To know if your efforts are truly worth it you must remember the importance of scalability. If you cannot scale up what you are doing drastically, then you do not have a strong online business. You may have 1000 people but can you turn that 1000 to 100000 with your current method? If not, consider another method that shows strong signs of sustainability.


If you are ready to make money go here and sign up with me!

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Is Host Then Profit Just An Overrated Piece Of Crap?

Hey if you have been skepticle of the gvo’s product host then profit, then read this juicy post that have in store for you. Time to give you the low down like D-Lo Brown you heard! The host then profit review 2014 version is now in full effect.

Ok so host then profit is a web hosting solution created by Joel Therien .

Who Joel Therien??

Well in case you’ve been under a rock, Joel is ceo and founder of global virtual opportunities, the umbrella company that houses products such as: pure leverage marketing system, meet cheap conference and host then profits. He is an internet marketer so he understands exactly what his ideal customers need to run a successful online business. He even operates the Joel Therien blog to keep his customers updated on new releases under the gvo hosting company.


Why Gvo Host Then Profit?

You may ask why should anyone join host then profit when there are other alternatives to this product. Well my favorite answer to that would be that you simply get more your money. You save money by using gvo's hosting, autoresponder and video conferencing software.  A seasoned affiliate/network marketer knows the importance of such things to keep a sustainable business operating online.  

What about the gvo conference review?

And for the not so seasoned affiliate, you have access to gvo academy live Tuesday and Thursday of each week to provide the extra push to help you succeed.

The cool thing about the gvolive conference room is that you can also use it as recruiting method as the top guys in the company run the webinars for you. Your affiliate link is automatically attached to the webinar for each person that you invite to participate.

One thing that I have to say about gvo host then profits, is that is insanely cheap! It’s is super affordable to the point where it makes me laugh because it actually works. It’s $1 to try out and then $9.97 to continue using every month. There are many upgrades that you can take within the gvo hosting login member’s area.

You can even upgrade to the gvo pure leverage product from within your host then profit back office.  Everything is done for you. Capture pages and follow up systems are in place to help you market on autopilot if you choose to market host then profit.

Now all of this is enhanced using the pure leverage systems.  The Joel Peterson pure leverage system also known as the simple money system takes things to another level if you really want to automate your sales funnel so that you really don’t have to do too much leg work when you get a new lead.


The stone Evans host then profit integration also fits in with other supplemental companies that can give you a nice income if you can afford to plugin and promote it to others.


The email autoresponder  that you get in host then profit starts with a 500 subscriber limit. In pure leverage by joel therein , you get automatically start with a 10,000 limit.


Is Host Then Profits Scamming people? I give a clear answer of NO! The customer support team is on top of their game. If you need to cancel the service, they cancel SUPER FAST! Of course they encourage to sign up in the future if you so desire. And that is really easy to do.  Even though there are many upsells, they do not try to force to do any of them. You can simply upgrade when you are ready to so.

Now if you are bringing in leads and they upgrade and you don’t then you simply just miss out on those commissions.

The gobal virtual opportunities scam may be something that many skeptics say because there is a 4 by 10 hybrid matrix system that many people get confused with. The more you build your downline, the more complicated things will get. Now the cool thing is that you can move people into profit positions in your downline. This means that you can place people in positions in to where they start seeing residual income from the traffic you bring in already. This is a great way to keep retention rates high so that you can keep earning as an affiliate every month.

Pure Leverage Review:

Now in pure leverage you are automatically making more money as it costs more to have and the commissions are higher. Your downlines are unlimited and width and length.  You also get 50% matching bonuses for people bring in people under you. This can also be achieved using gvo web hosting via host then profit but you would need to upgrade to titanium first.

If you are ready to start making some money online, join me in host then profits today.


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Monday, September 29, 2014

Project Payday Cash Don't Join Until You Read This!

Project Payday cash is REAL my friends. 

Okay so project payday has been around since 2006. And if someone knows anything about making money online promoting other peoples stuff, it’s project payday. The first time saw them ever in my life; they were actually on an ad network recruiting affiliates outside of their membership site to push more traffic to their site. I admit that when I first saw their site, I thought it was a scam. It looked so outdated and kind of dodgy to me. And some of these home business kits are indeed scams where customer support is indeed laughable.

Now with project payday, I have to say they have great customer support. They answer the phone and help you when you ask. It’s really professional. You’d think I’m dealing with a huge brand name product or something.

Now if you don’t know about project payday, let me bring you up to speed. They are a company that provides a course on how to make money with websites called ifw’s. These are websites that give people prizes or money for referring people to try name brand products and services. It’s really a lucrative business when you really look into it. Let’s say Disney did not want to spend their next ad campaign budget on a tv commercial. And let’s also say that they wanted to cut their expenses to make room for a larger profit.

Well they could go to a website built around a network of marketers who are capable of sending targeted visitors their way. Disney would pay out a certain amount per each acquisition. The money is than split between you and the network (ifw). You request the money that you are owed, and you get paid directly to your paypal account or to your mailbox at home.

Interestingly enough, project payday follows this same model when you are first signing up to their website to be a member. The cool thing is that they give you an option to pay them directly if you don’t feel like doing one of those offers. Once you pay, you get instant access to the whole course. There are several videos, articles and references to other useful sources to help you along the way.

There is also separate training for affiliates of project payday which is also useful. Now project payday also pays via pay pal so you can get your money faster. Before payments either sent to your mailbox or sent to your prepaid debit card. The payouts happen every Friday at about 4 o clock. You must have made a minimum of $30 for the week before you qualify for payout.

All you have to focus on, is getting more and more traffic to your links. You can do social media, classified ads, forums, emails and offline marketing. I like to blog as it does not involve tedious work. I also have control over the kind of people that I attract. I attract people who are just like me. People who are like minded and people who want to make extra money understand me and I vice versa.

This is exactly what you should be doing. Write for them. Help them to address their problems, their pain and suffering. People are still in a lot of pain. And ultimately the pain will never stop so you will always be able to make money. Help a person in need and show them the way to a real online income.

Now I have told you what it is like to be an affiliate of project payday. So now you might be wondering if it is possible to great money promoting project payday by itself. Let me tell you this. If you can master the art of getting targeting traffic to your sites than the answer is a big FAT YES!

Think driving an ocean of traffic to your blogs while you are out doing other things in life. Or think if you had lots of time to kill and you continued to put out content religiously. Do you think that would not pay off? People come to your websites and click around out interest. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this stuff out. If they taught this kind of stuff in school, there would probably be more drop outs as people would want to be their own bosses than to work for someone else. And you know what, I am fine with colleges not teaching this kind of stuff because we still need our doctors now don’t we?

More and more you see these work from home news stories on the news. That’s because people are actually doing it. The ones who are the ceos in this business are definitely making a lot of money. Traffic is not an issue. You will have master the art of driving traffic for yourself. And you will have to be profitable in doing so or else your business will not last. Lots businesses with great ideas fail because they lack consistent business in the form of clients. With project payday you have a chance to be extremely profitable by just making project payday cash alone.

So if you are ready to do so, join project payday today!

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Project Payday Best Method Read This Before You Sign Up!

The project payday best method has yet to be discussed on the internet until now. 

So if you think that you have seen anyone explain a superior method to promoting an ifw or project payday itself then brace yourself for what I am about to reveal to you.

Now first of all I want to talk about the methods that are fast yet dangerous if you are not careful. The first method that I will talk about is solo ads. Yes you have probably heard of them. If not, let me explain to you what these kinds of ads are. These are ads that are placed in a newsletter owned by another vender appealing to the exact same audience that you are after.

Now in theory, these sound like great channels to get exposure from. But here is the thing with these solo ads. A lot of the lists are of mediocre quality. And when I say that, I mean these are people who are mostly only curious and not serious. You have a group of solo vendors who sell access to these kinds of lists. They are junk and these vendors are wannabee traffic sources. They are not reliable because they trade with each other only to whore out their lists with goal of growing bigger. The quality lists are much more expensive and are not out in the open. They are managed by brokers who specialize in this kind of business.

When I say they say vendors whore out their lists, I mean they spam the absolute crap out of them. It is pure madness though it is the bottom of the food chain in terms of solo ads. And a lot of the time these guys are doing joint venture swaps. This means that the vendors’ trade clicks while segmenting their lists to avoid duplicate visitors to one another. Now these venders will advertise their services on large internet marketing forums where home business people tend to gather. So now this creates a chain reaction as a vast majority of the market learns of this.

So now you have the same people buying the same solos from the same guy. It can get really messy real fast as they can all have the same offer to promote in most cases. This forces the solo ad vendor to choose whether he/she cares enough about not burning out the list in times of constant business. A lot of the time the list becomes non responsive after seeing the offer over and over from different advertisers. So vendors will tell clients to give away a free report on the thank you page instead of redirecting to that same offer. This is a little silly because ultimately the advertiser will show that same offer very soon once the emails start going out.

Now there is another method that is popular underground that involves legally sucking in a lot of traffic faster than any other method on the whole internet. Well before I go any further, I should say that there is another fast method but it is extremely expensive and only people who have a lot of money should consider it. That is not to say that this method does require a good amount of capital. It’s just that this method is far cheaper. What does this method involve exactly? It involves the use of pop ups.

So how exactly is this possible and where do these pop ups actually show? Here’s how it works. A person may enter the internet via search or an address bar. They find a piece of software to download for free. This could be a game, media player, desktop wallpaper, torrent software and things of that nature. Now these kinds of software tend to come bundled with software from other companies. The terms and conditions are laid out saying that there are third party advertises who will advertise you if you download and install these software applications.

This software bundled with ad serving technology is known as adware. They are designed and programmed to fire off ads when you perform certain actions. These actions usually include searching the web or browsing on specific url addresses. These kinds of conditions are usually specified by the advertiser who operates from the company hosting this technology.

So in order for marketers to bypass traditional search traffic with a blog, they will use cpv networks to supply the pop ups. Now the traffic is so vast and fast that it can crash a shared web hosting solution! It is for this reason that it is best to run your traffic to a vps or a dedicated server solution. Who wants to spend money on traffic that hits a dead site? No one! The problem with this method is that it is not cheap for most people, especially novices. You have to be smart with managing your money as the expenses are constant.

You also will have to run numerous tests as you weed out the targets that are losing you money. Also pop ups are interrupting a person space and money is being used every time that happens. It is extremely difficult to be profitable under these conditions! This is why I do not advice you to go down this path if you are financially incapable of doing so. Also this traffic only covers a small portion of the internet. That does not mean that you cannot reach millions of people potentially. It is certainly doable if that is what you want to do.
You see, not everyone downloads adware so you have to consider that as well. The only real plus here is that the targeted traffic comes at lighting speeds as long as you keep your campaigns running.

As far as the project payday best method, it is none other than blogging. Think about it. You are not paying for traffic and dollar amounts. You are only paying with time. All you have to do is contribute useful high quality content to the internet and let the content do the rest for you. Keep adding on more and more content. Once you have more online real estate, the better off that you will be in terms of traffic. It is the least risky method to acquire new business.

Now if you do want to blog for money, get this course instead!

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